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CoM 3.0: Ship Realism Project - Renown WIP 3 by ChroniclesofMan

This is beyond amazing. I'm extremely impressed with the progress. I've always been an avid lover of your work, and the fact that you want to take this even further is incredibly impressive.

The realism you strive for will undoubtedly take incredible amounts of time, but your high levels of skill in Ai will make up for it. I think you'll end up going far with this. I'm surprised you haven't been picked up by a sci-fi design studio at this rate.


Vision: Five Stars
Your vision for this and your drive to go above and beyond to make this incredibly believable earns a solid five.

Originality: Five Stars
As usual, the ships you create are based on real theories (mostly) but you always come up with something original for your designs.

Technique: Five Stars
Your vector work makes me jealous of your abilities. That's hard to do, considering that I have a fair amount of vector knowledge.

Impact: Four Stars
This work inspired me to get back to work in vectors instead of shying away like a little b*tch. Your drive inspired me to drive myself more. If that's not impact, I don't know what is. Will give a final 5th star when the ship is complete. (or rather, I'll try to give the fifth star with my head missing after my mind is blown).

Overall, 4.75/5. Excellent work. I'm hard to truly impress, and you've done it. with just a WIP. :D
The Artist thought this was FAIR
3 out of 3 deviants thought this was fair.


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